Hey I am happy to show you the pics and review of the 1st annual Wii Bowling Tournament we had here with a few of the areas local photographers. It was great to have all of them by and get to hang out and chow on pizza, beers and sodas before all of our heavy season starts.

Thanks for coming by everyone. And next time we play for dough. {Not just bragging rights}

Amy Carroll

check out Amy Carroll’s blog. She post’s almost daily and its all good.

Autum shows us all how to do it….175! her first game:-) Put her in the winners bracket.

Ben looks like he is going to jump into the screen. Check out the Ben and Laura Harrison blog.

Thrasher has is game on….more on that in a bit. Check him out here Jthrasher

Watching the styles of Marie Clark.

Amy throws her best curve….

Strategery…………..or homey.

Marie Clark shows us all how she is the only pregnant woman ever to appear on the ESPN Saturday Night ladies bowling circut!

First round…winners top right…losers bottom right.

if Maries post above looked flawless….now are you convinced Check out Marie on ESPN Saturday Nights Ladies Bowling Circut!

for those who grew up going to school in the non-computer age, Ben shows us how easy it is to cheat in class now that everyone has laptops! But John has one of those fake screens on. Ben doesn’t know that and will soon fail art class. {John Pottenger is a fabulous videographer. Check out his work. If you need a videographer for your wedding look here now!}

Thrasher is showing us his winning ways! “Dont move your legs”

The start points to the winner. Congrats Thrasher!


He was beating us at golf too! But somehow the TV blew up and we couldn’t finish the round….

Thanks all of you for coming. Have a great season and see you soon.

{I know Thrasher was taking photos as well so look for them on his blog soon}