Jan 10, 2007
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Well it seems that Apple is doing very well around our house. Years ago, before I ever touched a PC. I was a Mac SNOB! I hated anything PC. Mac was it. I convinced a few friends to get the imac’s and they were like what is this piece of crap. They were used to the PC. Well I left the MacWorld about 3 or 4 years ago. Only because the software I use for ordering and Albums is only for the PC. SO I got my first PC and put the Macs away. To be honest the PC never crashes, never, (knock on wood). The Mac’s crashed alot. I work in the commercial photo world with loads of RAM and Gigabyte this and Gigabyte that….still crashing.

Speed up to now and over X-mas. First the kids get there own ipods….thanks Santa. And as a surprise to Autum I get her an ipod, but this sucker comes preloaded with all of her old favorite 80’s bands, The Cure, Depeche Mode, some punk stuff and “new wave” bands. I had a ball going through it all. Any way, all in all we have 4 ipods in the house.

If you don’t know already, I am a musician also, so I go the apple website and get me a Mac-Mini. Just for garageband. I am in the process of creating music for photographers to use legally, and garageband has some great components to it. So now I am a Mac Man again….well really I’m “Bi”, right? I use both.

At Target the other day I see the Apple Hi-Fi there and its on clearance. Well now we jam with our ipods and listen to the apple boom box to.

Thanks Apple for making great products and for finally having me Back in Mac.