Jan 14, 2007
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Hey everyone just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you that came out to the Bridal Show this past weekend. We are back and it was so nice to meet you all. We are booking quickly now and if your date was available when you asked, please drop me a line and set an appointment to come in. I dont want to sound like this is a big advertisment but I would really like to be open to the ones who want us.

Ok so we get done wrapping up the Show last night and one of our neighbors is having us and a few others over for a Mexican Feast. Stacy and Paul (our neighbors) are due with baby in couple of weeks, and Stacys mom is a wonderful cook. I mean from the salsa to the “grandma’s spicy pork” it was all totaly the best. We were so stuffed. I just want to thank them so much. It was perfect!

After the total stuffing of food and a few cocktails we managed to relax with our good friends Dan and Patti in the Hottub. Thanks for the perfect ending to that great day!

I wish I had photos, so next time I’ll tell it in a photograph!

Here is a photo of Gibby and Rabbi. I made this into a poster and gave it to Clover for X-mas. How cute!