WARNING: Photo geek talk ahead!Just a quick word about Canon Professional Service. If you are not a member and you own Canon Professional Cameras, please do yourself a favor and join. Its free.

Some of you know my worries over the week with my Main camera going down. Thanks to those I reached out to for help and for lending me an extra body to get through my sessions.

I had my 5D act up on a job last Saturday. I sent it in to CPS on Monday afternoon. {4:30}

Called in a panic to my friends in search for a 5D for a main camera for the week. {Thanks to Kyle, Ben, and Sandy for coming through!} Its so nice to have friends there to help you!

I was able to cover the 3 events that I had for the week….but!

I was sitting here getting ready for my 2 weddings for the weekend and up pulls the Fed Ex truck and out come two boxes. Yep my camera and Lens I sent them. Fixed and ready to go! I was shocked and thought to put out a plug to Canon. {Turns out it was my lens that needed the tune up…Camera also got serviced but the culprit was the lens}

Shipped Monday, arrived Wed., fixed and shipped Thursday and to me on Friday. That my friends is fantastic service!

Thank you Canon!

Join them if you have Canon Products.