Apr 21, 2008
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Cara and Luke were married at Holy Redeemer Parish in Jenison on Saturday. I first want to thank a few people for helping to make this a fantastic day for everyone. Obviously the Parents on both sides, all of the wedding party all 38 or 40 of you, Deep End Films, and of course Starfarm Band.

Amy and I had a footloose and fancy free day with all of you. Cara and Luke I thank you the most. I just had the best time.

After the wedding they party of like 50 people boarded a bus and we all went to the Ford Museum for some fun photos. I wish I could show you one of the best shots of the day….but its kind of rated R for male hind end nudity. Actually the best shot is the one Amy took of the girls faces. Any way the weather was perfect and everyone was enjoying themselves. A quick stop at the Grand Woods Lounge for a cocktail or 2 and then to the BOB, that big old building, for the reception. Great job by the BOB as usual. I love the place cards for the table seating. Check it out. A trip in the way back machine with some of the names. Of course saved was Greatest American Hero for the Dusty Brown Photography card 🙂 { Deep end and Starfarm too!}

If you missed my post about Starfarm, go down 2 posts and read. They were outstanding. They have dates on the website and will be in town this week. Check them out!

Thanks again Cara and Luke. Congrats on your love!

This was in the program and had me at a chuckle.

this made me chuckle. it was inside the program for the guests. {names blurred here to hide the identity of the innocent}

I love when the bride and groom meet first!


everyone loved the idea of these table cards. such fun seeing everyone laugh and find where they sit.

did I mention Starfarm yet?