I try not to get to wordy on a blog post, after all I am a photographer and not a novelist. But I feel the need to tell just a touch of backstory. For those that know CJ you can skip right over too the photos – for if you know him then there is nothing I can say that you don’t already know. The three of us met earlier in the year to do engagement photos and I knew we all would have an amazing wedding day together. As I arrived at Boyne Mountain for the get ready photos the day of the wedding CJ pulls me aside and says “keep quiet, check out this Suit!” In a few images you will see a hot pink suit. Turns out the ever sweet and patient Danielle says to CJ months before “get whatever kind of suit you want”.  So to her surprise (as he cascades down the Boyne Mountain slope on the chairlift for their “first look”) he is in the hot pink get up. Needless to say we had a few great moments with all surprises on Danielle. As we wander to get a few photos of the said suit and Danielle in her stunning wedding dress we turn the corner and what in the world awaits us but a Hot Pink and White  ’55 Ford Sunliner. Forgive my cursing but as we turned and looked “Holy S***” were not the only words out of our mouths. We met the couple who’s car it was and they were happy to have us take photos with it.

Not to worry, the rest of the wedding Cj wore his “Normal” wedding day suit and the guests were non the wiser 🙂

The fabulous Kris form Merry Makers http://merrymkr.com did all the amazing planning!

Amy from Amy Kate Designs http://amykatedesigns.com did all the awesome floral and designs!

Jedi Mind Trip played the fantastic music! https://www.facebook.com/JediMindTrip/

The wedding and reception itself was held on the grounds of The Charlevoix Country Club http://www.chxcountryclub.com at Shanahan’s Barn

On to the photos!

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Thanks to Ryan for the big help on this day!