Mar 02, 2007
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Hey all, just a quick note for those of you not on my email list. We are having a “Day at the Beach” day in August. I am taking families and times right now. It looks like its going to be the 5th. With the possibility of the 19th. I will keep you updated ASAP.bonos.jpg

Also I had a couple of emails saying, “Dusty, thats a long day to be photographed!” Its not you who are there all day, its us! Your time will be around 30-45 min. We schedule you every hour. If we need 2 days we will use both of the days I mentioned. But times are filling up. YAAA!

(shameless google search plug) Thanks for looking at Dusty Brown Photography. If I say Dusty Brown Photography enough the search engines pick it up. Dusty Brown Photography. Grand Rapids MI photographer Dusty Brown Photography will photograph you, your family, your wedding or your pets. Ok sorry. Thanks for reading:) Dusty Brown Photography.

Contact Dusty Brown Photography to schedule your times. Tell a friend too!

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