Jan 29, 2007
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Its been kind of slow here….photographically speaking. But look who pops by today, those of you in the Grand Rapids area no him as DJ the Clown. DJ needs more photos for his trader cards. And if you have kids, those kids have birthdays, and for those birthdays you need DJ the Clown! Kids love him and some of you may remember him from a night out a Perkins on Northland on kids eat free night!!!! Tuesdays.

We actually met at a wedding a few years back. Lots of kids so the couple invites DJ to come to the reception and keep them entertained. I arrive at our kids school on Monday afternoon following the wedding and a man walks up to me and says, ” hey you probably don’t recognize me do you?” I says “nope”, he says Im “DJ the Clown!”

Turns out our kids go to the same school. So I feel honored knowing the images I took will be handed out to kids all over the GR area from Clown we call DJ:)