Apr 03, 2008
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This “cold” has been a doozy! If anyone else had/has this I know your pain. 2 Weeks! I hate to blog about things like this but I know quite a few people with this cold and we all are at least 2 weeks in. My neighbor is going on 3 weeks. ew!

But I know I am getting better. This morning our son let one rip and you know what? I could smell it:-) I smiled. Not because of the cloud of stinky, but because I could smell! It seems like forever. Not the first thing I wanted to smell after 2 weeks but I sure could smell it. Nice eh?

Baseball has started. The Tigers are supposed to be the cats meow this year. But 0-2 doesn’t look good. They looked terrible yesterday. Its early. Long season ahead.

I am coaching baseball again this year and our first practice was Tuesday.

1. I didnt want to be there. I felt like crap. But after meeting the kids and parents I forgot all about how sick I felt and had a great time

B. It snowed! nice. Kids staring at me with snow suits on! This is baseball! I had them doing drills for 45 minutes and then went home. I will keep you all posted on our season.

I love coaching. I love seeing the kids progress and the skills they learn go into effect.

The begining of the year is always crazy with kids not playing all winter and they have visions of smacking the ball out to the fence and winning games and throwing out runners. But then they realize they need to relearn everything. About halfway through the practice season they start to gel and get back into baseball. The snow always slows it down though.

The last 3 years, first practice….snow. Either on the ground or in the air. Its colder than our hockey practices!

Warm up ahead.