Apr 22, 2008
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The first time I ever heard of Earth Day I was probably 18 or 19. I thought that this day would bring the world together and help change the ways of thinking for the suits up above. I am a free thinker. That was along time ago. It seems that with climate change we need more Earth Days. Like every day.

My friend who introduced it to me as we planted trees in downtown Grand Rapids, is now gone back to the Earth. But everytime Earth Day comes it makes me think of him.

Do your part every day. But for today try like its your mothers birthday. Plant a tree for her. Much like a candle on her cake. If your shopping today, dont use the plastic bags, ask for paper if you didnt bring your own canvas bag. { I know I know, PAPER Bags! But at least those can be easily recycled.}

Check out this site for more info on what you can do. Earthday

Happy Earth Day…pass it on.