Mar 06, 2007
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This is a great win for the little guys. Check out this article on how the FCC has ruled that major radio networks owned by the big ole boys club (Clear Channel, CBS, Citadel…) have to allow radio time for Indie Bands. Those whose music is not played or picked up by the large corps who shove bad music down the throat of radio listeners is labeled as Indie Music.

Years ago I worked for a local radio station (Wyce 88.1) . In the days before and during grunge. I ran 2 shows one on Monday nights and one on Saturday mornings 12am-3am. And that Saturday slot was the only time when I or the station could play “grunge” music. Now its not the same thing but almost. This is a locally owned radio station. But “grunge” was alternative. Nobody was playing this type of music. Nobody. Nirvana and Pearl Jam had not even hit the airwaves. I had to beg for the 12am slot.

This is kind of the same. Indie artists begging (and their lawyers getting$) for airtime.

I really think in a few years its all going by by. I bet Apple is working on a way to play the apple radio in your iPod. Imagine walking around with thousands of music choices. Wont be long.

Anyway heres the link FCC Article on Indie Music