Hi Everyone! I am getting excited for our workshop and thought I would share with you a few exciting things that are in the works.
  • This will be a business building seminar/workshop. We will discuss everything related to your business and how to help make it better, more profitable and have a business you run instead of a business that runs you.
  • Are you getting the clients you want? How to get clients in the door. How to keep them.
  • Are your clients choosing you based on your price or your style?
  • How to set up packages to increase profits.
  • How to keep a balance between your business and your home life.
  • Survive the off season
  • Gain more time and learn from my mistakes
  • Weddings, Seniors and Families.
*We will finish with a “roundtable” discussion with special guests Ben and Mindy Peterson, Ben and Laura Harrison and from the outside looking in Color Inc. owner Tim Kasburger. This will be the time to get to know a bit more about the industry from all angles. From our different types of styles of photography to a lab owner who sees the trends and purchasing habits of the very clients you are trying to sell to.
This will be a fun, humorous  and informative workshop. I have been in the business for 15 full years and have seen lots of trends, lots of styles, lots of crazies and a lot of great times. Its how you handle all of those times that keep your business above the rest and keep your reputation and demand in good check.
  • A small list of people and companies who have been in my viewfinder:
George Bush
Gerald Ford
LeAnn Rimes
Rich DeVos
Wynton Marsalis
Grand Rapids Art Museum
Herman Miller
University of Michigan
Chicago Times
and countless people who have trusted me to document their lives famous or not.
  • It looks like the workshop will be April 17. We are finalizing details on location, but it looks like we will be Downtown Grand Rapids.
The cost is $750
There will be more information to follow.
Thanks everyone!