Just wanted to pass along a note to say we are officially booking for the 2013 Seniors. If you are planning your summer around vacations and summer camps do not forget to schedule your Senior Pictures. Every year I get phone calls from parents saying how this event in their child’s life has snuck up on them. Forgetting to plan for Senior Pictures around the crazy summer they plan is always number one in the August – September Senior phone calls. Start planning now and get a session on the books, then you can plan around Senior Portraits and not vacation 🙂 Senior Pictures are the start of the Senior year for your High Schooler. To have the chance to be part of that is an honor.

It’s not to early to book a session and its easy. Make the call to me, have your calendar nearby, book the day and thats it.  No matter how ridiculous you think a question is, don t hesitate to call. I can answer it for you and give you helpful hints to plan the session.

dusty at dusty brown dot org is my email and the studio number is 616-970-16 two one. Hope to hear form you soon.

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