Dec 21, 2006
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Hope you all are having a great Holiday Season! We are crazy busy filling all of your orders and I wanted to say thanks. The little elves at the lab and those here packing your images and sending them off are working hard for you. We really appreciate all of you. A big informationsuperhighway hug to all of you.

I have been hooked on the Discovery Channel lately. Anyone watching Mythbusters? Or how about that Man vs. Wild.? Great T.V. I usually am not the one to watch anything but some sitcoms or check in at CNN once in a while but these shows have me in. If you haven’t seen them check out Discovery Channel for listings. You won’t be disapointed.
Mythbusters is a show about these 2 guys who try to “Bust” a myth or “prove” a Myth. Like “can a penny dropped from the Sears Tower really kill a person?” and then the do semi-scientific tests to prove it. Its crazy good.

Manvs. Wild is just a nut job man ( he is a superman) who gets dropped in remote places armed with only a knife and has to get out! I won’t go into it but check it out.

I’ll try to check in tomorow with our most recent work, but gotta go shopping before the rush on Friday:)