I am still here I promise! I have been so busy this week, but it is coming to an end.

Last Friday Autum and I were at the Fredrick Meijer Bridal Show and met alot of great people. We hope that we can be working with some of you next year!!!:)

By the way, my new favorite movie is now out. Nacho Libre! We stook the kids to see this in the theater when it came out and I had tears in my eyes 3 times. I thought it was too funny. So yesterday on the way to our local photographers luncheon, (which was a great chance for me to meet some folks I have yet to meet, and Thanks to Jonathon Thrasher for hosting.) I stoped at Meijer and bought it. Came home and sat with Scott and Michelle (see below) and made their beautiful album. Then Autum and I watched Nacho! If you havent seen it , and you really like stupid movies, go get it.