Jan 28, 2009
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Ok, a break from our favorite reception places. I need some honest feedback from all of you readers.

I need website feedback. If you could check out my site www.dustybrown.org and give me your thoughts.

I need ease of use thoughts. Can you navigate well? Can you see all the links? Is it to confusing? Or is it just down right cool?

Dont critique my photos…well I guess you could…but those are not why I am asking for this.

I’ll tell you more later on why I am looking for this help from you. But for now if you have the time to visit and leave me some feedback that would be great.

I would love to hear from clients, photographers and people just crusing through.

You can email me throught the website, or come back here and give a comment.

Thanks so much!! I will post my findings later this week.