Jan 18, 2009


Going through thousands of images once a year to revamp the website is no doubt a task to take on in slower months. This past month I have been revamping my website with images and building this new blog. Looking through images from weddings and seniors and lifestyle families photographed here in Grand Rapids has been good for my growth. It is great to review and remember images you took from years past. So with the image of the day, here is one I forgot about. Anne and Brandon were married a few years back and on our way back to the reception we spotted this farm. We were there only minutes but I have 4 incredible images from it and here is one.

Image of the day brought to by Hermans Boy coffee. Located right in downtown Rockford. They make their own beans and have endless tastes for you. {They did not pay for this, I am just jacked up on their coffee ;-)}