Jul 24, 2008
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Here is my review of the New Apple iPhone 3g.

The goods:

Its really cool. Everyone wants one or asks about it.

It works just as described.

I love the ability to be talking to a client and check out a date they ask for in iCal, all the while still talking to them.

I love the GPS google maps app that works incredibly well.

I love the MobileMe service from Apple. i get an email on the iPhone and its on my mac at home. I delete from the iPhone and its still on my mac at home. No worries.

MobileMe works the same in iCal or iTunes or iPhot. Sync it up and its in the “clouds” for you to have ans see later.

Safari cruises on the internet where service is available.

The best thing is the Apps. There are so many good Apps for this thing. I will only give my favorites so far:

By far the best to date is AOL Radio. A gazillion internet radio stations at your fingers. Hook it up to your stereo and let it roll. Radio is cool again. New music at your fingers. It will even send you to iTunes for info on the artist you like and for purchase. {The worst part of the AOL Radio …and I hope this gets fixed….. is that when you hit the home button to go to say check email, it turns off the radio. It should be my choice to keep it playing or not}

I like Twitterific to keep up with my friends. I like SportsTap to see the sports scores of the day. I like WeatherBug. na dloads more.

The bad:

The first is the battery life when in 3G mode. Sucks it dry in like 4-5 hours. Doesn’t sound bad but if I am on a wedding or long commercial photo session without an adapter….its caput. So that really sucks! But if you turn off tye 3G it will last loads longer.

Speaking of the 3G and the bad. And I think this has to do more with ATT than the iPhone. My reception was spotty in a few areas that I really was surprised in. Like in front of my computer! If you turn off the 3G service your phone reception gets better and your battery will last longer. Go figure. So now I use 3G when needed.

Also in the bad catagory is I cannot connect the iPhone to my Apple Hi-Fi stereo to charge it! Why would you do this? I can charge every figgin iPod and even the first iPhone can charge on this thing. i know Apple discontinued the Hi-Fi, but for those of us that use it everyday you could have made it all compatible! I hope there is an update. It still plays the music but its not charging!

Thats it! not bad for the bad. all the good out wieghs the bad.

Love this thing.