UPDATE: 2.27.08 These are still great sounding speakers. I moved them upstairs to our large living room. 17×12 They seemed to need a bit of bass push. So I went out and purchased a Velodyne Subwoofer. Made all the difference. Now a great speaker with a great sub has the ability to push the sound in this room and make its presence known. Its a wonderful sounding set up. i am completely happy with this sound. Wide low end and perfect mids and smooth highs.

I know alot has to do with my Music Hall 25.2 amp but its all a great set up.


What? Here in a photographers blog? A speaker review? Yep. But just a quick one. Recently on my quest for supreme sound in an age where the tiny iPod and its players {the Apple Hi-Fi- the JBL little thing:)}let you plug your iPod in and listen to a small set of speakers try and do what they can………sounf like little tiny speakers.

Audio Advisor . Has a great inventory of hi-fi equipment at modest prices. {This is not Best by Or Circle City} This is a place to get some great Audiophile equipment and not spend 10,000 doing it. {Well I guess you could}.

Any way. The LS-500 Athena towers are some of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. I am hearing things I have never heard before on recordings. Nice wide sound, with serious but not overpowering bass. And wonderful mid-range and not so over the top highs.

When I listened to Neil Youngs Harvest Moon this morning I could here Neils hand hitting the guitar as he wandered through “You and Me”. This album came out in 1992 and I never ever heard that before. Its almost like he and the band were right there in front of me.

So very nice. I could go on for a bit but I have to say that if you are looking to improve your sound at a modest price these speakers can help.

{They are run into my Music Hall 25.2 amp. Thats for all the Audiophiles who may stumble upon this site}