Meg and Andrew had me down to the city they live and love in, Chicago. I gladly jumped at the chance months ago when they asked. {Hey I made an Ikea visit out of it too!} I need to say a heartfelt and from the bottom of my heart with every emotion- thanks to these two. Both work for the city somehow { I wont go into it here 😉 }

They had perfect directions laid out for me…I mean perfect and when I thought I was lost, a quick call to Meg and she had me settled down. Thank you both of you!

We had a great time in Chicago. I felt like a tourist. They both have incredible knowledge of the city and how to get around and where to go and just everything. I stayed at the Inn of Chicago, nice hotel, right in the heart of downtown. Thanks for a terrific time. On with the uber sweetness photos 🙂

the bean!