Oct 29, 2007
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Hey 2 posts in one day…..:-)

Last night on NBC they played one of my favorite series of movies. “Bourne Supremacy” and the other 2 are fabulous movies. But what really bugged the tar out of me was NBC kept the show to about 5 minutes and then it was time for a commercial. i know, “go rent it, or better yet buy it” To be honest I am waiting for the trilogy to come out just in time for X-mas. But the whole thing was just crazy with all of the commercials. Between that and the World Series blowout by the Red Sox…congrats by the way, I was flippin like flipper!

Sat. night we went to dinner with our bestest friends “D and P”. For those in the area, Trinis in Sparta is a great Mexican restaurant. I dont think they have a sign on the place, but just park and look for the crowds. Its always packed and always good. When you go they bring you chips and Salsa, just ask for the “real hot salsa” its so good!

Anyway’s we came back home and watched one of the funniest movies of all time. Knocked Up. If you have yet to see this already classic, hilarious movie, do yourself a favor and get it tonight. WARNING: do not watch this with kids anywhere around. Very crude humor. If your offended by anything offensive dont get this movie. All of our kids were upstairs and we made them give out warnings when coming downstairs. I seriously love comedies. And this one is coming close to my absolute favorite movie….Nacho Libre. Its just amazing with they way they wrote this movie. Watch it and let me know what you think.

Now I want to watch SuperBad.