I just had to take a second to blog about my new Krups XP2070 coffee /espresso machine. This thing is amazing! For years I have been going to Starbucks and buying it and trying to brew like it at home……it always tasted better in the store! Well i found a great way to get extremely close to the store taste.

I went out and got the Krups xp2070 this thing is my new friend. Espresso, latte, cappuccino, regular coffee…..its delicious. The trick is when you are looking for a good espresso machine, make sure its pump driven. Way better than steam driven! Makes a much better brew!

i know I am a total coffee snob, I admit it, my friends know it , my wife knows it, heck even our kids know it! Now I can serve up some great coffee when you come in to visit. So next time you come to the studio just let me know what you’ll have and I’ll get it for you. I love this machine:-)

O yeah….