Jul 24, 2006
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Well I know……I’ve heard it from some of you…”its been forever, when are you going to update” Some of you are so kind! The way you tell me (nicely) to put up YOUR image! Well here is the update. I love you all!

I have turned a corner. I told you I would keep you updated…I just got to busy and now I have told my self 10 minutes a day……so here is about a half hour!

Quick update on my foot. The gout is gone….yeahhh! Its the worst pain….but The pain with the dropping the hammer on my gout…..well thats been forever. I ended up going to a foot specialist. I would take a deep breath or yawn and my foot hurt! Try telling that to 2 docotrs and 1 Med Center doc! “Uh yeah Dusty, whatever!’ I read there minds! Well any way its 95% gone… I’ll post when its gone officialy.

As for everything else…I HATE DIAL UP! you may ask why is my favorite photographer using dial up? Well I refuse to move to Comcast. I have Dish Net work and love it. Comcast is the only available hi-spped in the area. ATT is a joke, my next door neighbor has ATT hi speed, I get excited when she tells me this, call ATT and “sorry but our cables are extended” what the crap is that!?!

Dial up is one of the resons I havent been posting here. It takes a bit to upload all of your beautiful faces. I know I’ve heard it from more that 1 of you….”just do it”.

Besides I get to show off a bit right? Autum and I are swamped with work. Its such a good feeling. Thanks to all of you and keep on me if you dont see a post for as few days.

Heres a bunch of photos from recent weddings and portraits.