Feb 19, 2008
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I hate this time of year! Dont get me wrong. I love winter. But the headaches of running a successful business come in like waves!! Going over receipts. QuickBooks files….complete yuckville!

I cant tell you how much it drives me nuts to sit and stare at all of this. I do have a great accounting team http://www.actiontaxservice.com/index.htm

Jerry is great and so is Suzzane over there.

We all love something and I am glad they love numbers! Cause I think I am dyslexic. I see those numbers and its all mixed up. I start to sweat. I start to get crazy minded and want to shread them all and say the dog ate them. But alas……..I turn in my folders of white and yellow receipts, and my cd copy of QuickBooks and wait for the dreaded call from Suzzane that goes something like this….”Hey Dusty it’s Suzzane, I dont have…….” And thats when it all starts over again.

If you own your own business I think you know what I am talking about. I feel for the ones who do it all themselves! I could never….no way. I would fly first!

If you are going through this. I am here for you. Are you there for me? Is it time to hit the coffee shop? What about the Corner Bar?