Mar 26, 2008
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So the last 4 days I have been on the couch. No fever, but chills and aches and a nasty sore throat. Its clearing up now and I have a few observations to share with you.

1. Not much on during the day. I did see a few movies. Benchwarmers, Back to the Future III, Mission to Mars. All really dumb! But intresting enough for me not to change the channel. I did get to see the last season of Runs House on MTV and I decided I dont care what ya’ll think, I like Runs House! Its a great show. Really.
2. Its amazing how much laying and sitting on a couch can be uncomfortable.

3. You really can think about all the things you want to get done, and tell yourself as soon as your well you’ll get right to it! {We’ll see}

4. Days go by so fast. First I am saying goodbye to the kids for the day, next thing I know they are home and asking for food!

I guess thats it! Sorry for being absent on you all.

Our Expo at the Rockford High School was terrific. We met so many great people. I hope to have a chance to photograph you all soon.