Jun 19, 2008
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In the past few months I have had several emails {about 17} from fellow photographers {most are local} who pose the question, “do you do seminars”? Well the short answer is no. But I am toying with the idea of a full-on ragin’ “this is what I do” seminar. I need your input tho.

1} Are you intrested?

2} Are you local?

3} What do you want to know?

I am checking my calendar and thinking this could be in October of this year. I have a few sponsors lined up as well. So get your thinking cap on and let me have your answers via email.

Topics covered would be…….Running a full time photography business…….{What, you wanted a lecture on how to find nice light?…..ok maybe that to.} And anything else you might want to cover.

So send me an email or just leave a comment here on your thoughts as well.