Apr 28, 2008
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Hey its monday and a lot happened over the weekend I thought would be blog worthy.

1. Autum and I had a night out on Friday with great friends and Meanwhile Bar managers Mike and April. We had few adult beverages at the Meanwhile then split to the Green Well. A fantastic restaurant. The service was incredible and the food fantastic! New favorite restaurant! Check it out and take some friends down there!

Then I dragged all 3 of them to see the below mention Starfarm at the Grand Woods Lounge.

Another great 80’s night. Check them out next month at the Woods. Great band and they know how to please the crowd. Brother Zack and soon to be sis Angela were there also. Great to see them and boogie down while my lame friends watched!

One of my favorite shows came to an end. Big Brother 9 ended with Adam winning the $500,00. I thought he would win once they got James out. i dont know why I love to see people trapped in a house with other people. Maybe its the human behavior that makes me have interest? I just love it. Plus the fact that its on 3 days a week. Its my own soap opera. Call me lame!

Tigers stunk it up this weekend against the Angels.

Wings still look incredible!

Thanks Mike and April!