Thats right I said randomness! Hey on Friday I was one of the crazy or lucky ones who started their day out at like 5:30 am to stand in line for the new iPhone. I met up with another local photographer Darrin at the local ATT store. First we hit the almighty Starbucks for a sure shot of caffine in the veins.

Standing in line with about 100 other “geeks” for a shot to be the first out of the gate with the iPhone 3G is pretty cool. I will keep this whole story short….I got one. Its the flippin coolest thing ever. I love APPLE.

I was also one of the ones who waited for a while to get it authorized…but thats a complaint for someone elses blog. No complaining here….

I also had the chance to work with the fab. Rebecca Bouck who is out of AZ. We had a wedding in the Detroit area. I cant show any photos but once they are up on her site I will post a link.

The GPS on the iPhone worked like a charm for my 3 hour drive. Reception was perfect.

Heres a great little story about the wedding {which was over the top beautiful…more later}. The bride gives the groom a bow tie for his gift on wedding day. No body knows how to tie one……nobody. We searched and asked everyone we met at The Country Club of Detroit. It sooned dawned on me I had an internet searching device in my pocket! In about 30 seconds we were watching some dude on YouTube show us how to tie a bow tie on my little iPhone. The best man tieing, me holding the iPhone, the video guy capturing all of it and the groom waiting and laughing! Ha right!

I will explain about the whole wedding another date once there are images to go with it. check back. It was a blast!

Do yourself a favor get an iPhone. Its what all the cool people are doing.