Apr 20, 2008
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Its way to nice for me to sit inside today so I thought just a quick post of Cara and Luke’s wedding yesterday. Well this is more for the incredible band they had at the wedding last night. Starfarm

New favorite band. Many of you know my love for music. And now I have a new favorite band. Starfarm put on the best show. If you love 80’s music they are a must see.

I will have much more on the whole way fabulous super cool wedding tomorrow. But I though I would cruise through a few images and give a starfarm post.

Yep full on jumpsuits and leotards!

She could belt out AC/DC one song and sing like Madonna the next! Truly a fantastic band! All members played everything just like you hear them on the records. Go See them Live. I will keep posting about this band until you go see them. Next month at the Grand Woods Lounge Downtown. See you then!

Ok I couldn’t post about Starfarm and not give a single image of the real stars of the day Cara and Luke. Heres a sneak peak of the wedding. Way more tomorrow.