Jun 05, 2006
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Hey all, its been a bit so I’d thought I’d give an update. I’ve been hobbling around with the gout! I know its “an old mans disease” or “rich mans”….whatever it is, It stinks! Its the worst pain. Well the gout is on its way out! I can get back to being the 35 year “old man” that I am.

Here are a few photos from the “vault”. One is Jeremy he actually just came last week. He will be graduating from Northview next year. He is one of my Senior Reps! Great guy too.

Meadow is a ham in front of the camera as you can see. She likes to give me a hard time and laugh alot! Can you believe that!

And Adam was photographed last fall but in 3 weeks I’ll be seeing him and his sister agin! They grow up fast!