Just to give a little update on how the website rebuild is going. If you have been following along the site has grown incredibly in the last 2 days. I finally got the past images to load…thanks tons to Jamie from Color Splash for the awesome wordpress plugin from Velvet Blues called UPDATE URLs. I certainly dont want to geek out here but all the “paths” for my images were spelled out a certain way from the old blog…the needed a new “path”…written one by one….which if you take into the account I have been blogging since 2006 you would realize its over 2500 images….I was need deep in changing every image one by one. But thanks to the pluggin it worked like a charm in about 1.5 seconds!

We also spent some time re-uploading all of our gallery proofing. This took a few days but I am happy to say everything is back up! So if your gallery is not expired go look at them now ūüôā

Also, just to inform you, in the move I lost all of my blog posts from the last of April until now…so I am going to be blogging a whole summers worth of sessions and weddings through the next few months. I will try not to overwhelm and do 2 a day for a while.

I would like to personally thank Darryl from intothedarkroom for his patience and his clear understanding of web building. Also the host site, site5 for  getting us back online as soon as they could.

The only things left are the¬†galleries¬†that will be¬†permanently¬†online for showing off your images ūüôā I am in the process of going through¬†terabytes¬†of images to put up. It is a incredible reminder to all of you great clients how lucky I am to know each of you and get to photograph you. Thank you.




Grand Rapids Photographer